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12/22/2015 - Deadlines Looming for ACA Employer Mandate and Reporting Requirements

12/08/2015 - NCC Intent to Compete Deadline Extended to Dec. 15

11/24/2015 - The Project of the Year Winners Announced at 2015 Excellence in Construction Awards Night
11/10/2015 - Are You Going to be There When the Project of the Year Winners are Announced?

10/13/2015 - National Business Groups Invite Presidential Candidates to Speak to Members

09/29/2015 - NC House and Senate Approve Budget Preserving State Apprenticeship Program

09/15/2015 - More Than 900 ABC Members Urge DOL to Withdraw Proposed Overtime Rule

09/01/2015 - Claim Your Spot at the 2016 National Craft Championships

08/18/2015 - Senators Urge Agencies to Withdraw "Blacklisting" Rules For Federal Contractors

08/04/2015 - Labor Department Issues New Guidance Targeting Worker Misclassification

07/021/2015 - Washington Nationals Honor National Craft Champions

07/07/2015 - Obama Increases Minimum Salary Level for Overtime Pay

06/23/2015 - Amendment Targeting Federal Contractors on Department of Defense Bill Defeated

06/09/2015 - ENR Lists ABC Members as Top Contractors of the Year

05/26/2015 - Special Guest for ABC's Legislative Week Announced

05/12/2015 - Budget Passes with Language Restricting PLAs

04/28/2015- Why the President's Blacklisting Executive Order Won't Work

04/14/2015 - NLRB's 'Ambush' Election Rule Set to Take Effect April 14
03/31/2015 - Congress Passes Bill to Block NLRB's Ambush Election Rule

03/17/2015 - ABC of the Carolinas Wins Coveted National Mullan Award
0‚Äč3/03/2015 - Why Failing to Invest in Technology is Actually Costing You

02/17/2015 - Meet ABC

02/03/2015 - Contractors Required to Post OSHA 300A Form by Feb 1

01/20/2015 - House Passes Bill to Dismantle Obamacare


12/02/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Holley to Lead ABC in 2015

11/18/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Midterm Elections End in Senate Majority for GOP

11/04/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Workforce Hearing Allows ABC Member to Speak on Industry Needs

10/21/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Employer Alert: Summary of Health Care Law Requirements Now Available

10/07/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Construction's Top Safety Awards Presented at Annual Conference

09/23/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Voter Resource Encourages ABC Members to Prepare for Elections

09/09/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Don't Wait Until November to Get to Know Your Legislators

08/26/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Construction Backlog is on the Rise

08/12/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Construction Industry Endorses Nikki Haley For Governor

07/22/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Announces its Partnership with Strategic Value Media

07/08/2014 Carolinas Blueprint - Governor Haley, Senator Scott, and Hootie & The Blowfish to Highlight ABC Carolinas Construction Conference

06/24/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Recognizes Legislators with Merit Shop Defenders Award

06/10/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Voices Support for Workforce Development Legislation

05/27/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Construction Industry Endorses Thom Tillis For Senate

05/13/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC and Tradesmen International Sign Strategic Partnership Agreement

04/29/14 Carolinas Blueprint - Craft Instructor of the Year Award Goes to North Carolina Electrician

04/15/14 Carolinas Blueprint - U.S. District Court Rules Against Davis-Bacon Expansion

04/01/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC and CNA Announce Workplace Safety Themes for 2014

03/18/14 Carolinas Blueprint - More Than 900 Members Tell OSHA to Withdraw Electronic Recordkeeping Proposal

03/04/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Members Named in Fortune's Top 100 Companies to Work For 

02/18/14 Carolinas Blueprint - B.D. Rodgers Jr., Chairman of Rodger Builders, Inc. Passed Away on Friday, February 14, 2014

02/04/14 Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Announces the "ABC Brokke Award"

01/21/14 Carolinas Blueprint - South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson to Speak at Columbia Luncheon on January 22

01/07/14 Carolina Blueprint - Dan Brodbeck Elected to Lead ABC; Phil Hoppman Elected as Chairman-Elect


12/10/13 - Carolinas Blueprint - Letter From ABC President

11/26/13 - Carolinas Blueprint - Adams Electric Company and Brasfield & Gorrie, LLC Awarded Projects of the Year at EIC

11/12/13 - Carolinas Blueprint - Despite Opposition, Senate Confirms Controversial NLRB General Counsel Nominee

10/29/13 - Carolinas Blueprint - 12th Annual Excellence in Construction Awards Banquet

10/15/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Members to Discuss How They Deliver Quality at Industrial Users Summit

10/1/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Slams DOL 'Persuader' and NLRB 'Ambush' Proposals in Response to House Hearing

09/17/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - Safety Conference-Breakout Sessions Announced

09/3/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - OFCCP Issues Final Rules on Affirmative Action for Federal Contractors

08/20/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Members and Board of Directors Recognize their Peers

08/6/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - White House Plan Would Mean Billion Dollar Tax Hike for Contractors, Small Businesses

07/23/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - NC Governor Pat McCrory Signs ABC's Anti-PLA Bill into Law

07/9/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - Health Care Employer Mandate Tax Penalties Delayed Until 2015

06/25/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC testifies that Davis-Bacon Act Inflates the Cost of Federal Construction

06/11/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - SC Governor Nikki Haley Signs ABC's Anti-PLA Bill into Law 

05/28/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - OSHA Issues New Resources on Hazard Communication Requirements

05/14/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Congratulates National Craft Championships Winners

04/30/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - OSHA States Union can Represent Nonunion Employees During Inspections

04/16/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Calls Out NLRB, DOL Actions and PLAs During House Hearing

04/2/2013 -Carolinas Blueprint - House Passes ABC-Supported Job Training Reform Bill

03/20/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - Employment Report Shows Job Growth in All Significant Construction Sectors

03/5/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - ABC Wins National Growth Award - Announces 15-Year Anniversary

02/19/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - Launches Academy for Construction Ethics, Compliance & Best Practices

02/05/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - Bill Would Guarantee Open Competition on Federal Construction

01/22/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - OSHA Agenda Lists Actions on I2P2, Confined Spaces and Silica

01/08/2013 - Carolinas Blueprint - Congress Passes Year-End Tax Compromise, Delays Spending Cuts

Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) is a national construction industry trade association representing more than 21,000 members. Founded on the merit shop philosophy, ABC and its 69 Chapters help members develop people, win work and deliver that work safely, ethically and profitably for the betterment of the communities in which ABC and its members work.