ABC Schools To Careers Committee
The ABC Schools to Careers committee seeks to join companies in the construction community with our local schools to encourage students, parents, and educators to explore the various career opportunities in construction and to strengthen our workforce for the future of our industry.​ The ABC Carolinas Schools to Careers committee is teaming local general contractors and subcontractors with local Wake County high schools to serve as mentors and increase awareness about and promote interest in construction related careers. This will be an ongoing partnership between the contractors and high schools to continually educate students about the construction industry. As part of the partnership with local high schools, we will also be hosting an annual shed building competition. The Students’ Hands-on Experience Day (S.H.E.D) will allow high school drafting and carpentry students to compete in a shed design and building competition.  The drafting competition consists of creating framing plans and exterior elevations for a 8’0”x11’6” shed. A panel of local architects will judge the drafting competition and determine the design winner. The design winners will be awarded laptops capable of supporting their school’s drafting software.  Following the shed design competition, high school carpentry students will compete over a 2-day period to build the winning design. The general contractor and subcontractor team partners will be responsible for mentoring their high school teams prior to and throughout the build, but will not assist in the actual build. Mentoring will consist of educating students about safety, quality, planning, communication, and scheduling. The shed building competition will be judged by local building inspectors and safety officers from various construction companies.​

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