Pinehurst Resort (map)

Why ABC?

ABC is here to protect your business, to advance the construction industry, provide you with networking and business development opportunities and give you the tools to make your business stronger through safety, workforce development and education.

Why do we need you at the Leadership Conference?

You are a key to making sure we are providing value for ABC membership.  As a leader in our chapter you are the right person to help us grow our services and grow our membership.

Wednesday, January 15th

2:00 – 5 PM        Setting the Stage

  • Why you joined, why you stayed
  • 2019 In Review
  • Vision for 2020
  • Let’s Talk about Membership
  • Summary of Major Findings of Member Survey
  • What’s our value proposition?  What’s our elevator pitch?
  • First, what is ABC?
  • Second, what do we offer today?
  • Third, what do we need to offer
  • How do we advance the mission of ABC Carolinas?
  • Review of current Carolinas Plan


6:00 PM               Reception and dinner with all participants

Thursday, January 16

8:00 AM               Breakfast

Membership Bootcamp - Strategically planning for membership growth and retention at ABC Carolinas. This bootcamp is interactive, enlightening and built to make you a better spokesperson for ABC without any heavy lifting or uncomfortable asks.

How do the Councils fit into the chapter’s plan? 

What the is the best thing your council has done?

12:00 PM             Lunch

1:00 PM               Council Breakouts

  • Topic 1 (20 Minutes) Membership Growth – how do we grow your council?  includes Young Professionals and Programs and Events
  • Topic 2 (20 Minutes) Government Affairs in your state – how do you make your concerns known – what are the hot issues
  • Topic 3 (20 Minutes) Workforce Development – what are the needs of our companies?
  • Topic 4 (20 Minutes)  Safety Services -  what do our member need to improve safety in their companies?

3:30 PM               Break

3:45 PM               Report from Council breakouts

                             Sharing of Best Practices

5:00 PM               Summary and Conclusion- Dave Knudson

6:00 PM               Reception