Elevator Story

The most important reason to join ABC is simple; you need to be where your competition and customers are! ABC is a diverse group of representatives from all sectors of the construction industry. At regular monthly functions, ABC members have an opportunity to interact with customers, suppliers, and competitors. ABC members contribute to an organization that is tackling the most pressing issue facing the construction industry today. In the Carolinas, ABC is focusing great energy on the creation of a comprehensive workforce development program, which will meet the needs of its members and the construction industry at large. ABC's goals and direction are guided by all of its members; providing an equal voice to general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and associates, which makes ABC, a group truly representative of the construction industry. ABC strives to make you a better contractor tomorrow than you are today. When you think construction, think ABC!

Why Join?

We help you win work.

•Our events and networking opportunities connect you with the people you need to know in the industry.
•Our government affairs staff lobbies to keep projects competitive and open to all.
•Our exclusive LinkedIn group expands your contacts and referral list.

We help you deliver work safely.

Our OSHA-recognized Safety Training and Evaluation Process (STEP) establishes a foundation for entering the public works arena, lowers your mod rating and insurance premiums and ensures your workers’ on-the-job health and productivity.

We help you deliver work ethically.

•Our training programs generate skilled and knowledgeable workers. 

We want you to succeed and be profitable.

•Our local and national business partners provide exclusive member discounts and services, allowing you to run your business efficiently and productively.
•Our health trust’s highly competitive, low-rate life, medical and dental insurance programs help you attract and retain talented employees.