AAR Roofing Training Ctr, Kernersville NC (map)
OSHA has adopted regulations that require construction crane operators to become certified by an
accredited crane operator testing organization. This course is designed as a study “crash” course to
assist candidates in preparing to take the written assessments to become a certified mobile crane

There will be four days of study, then students will be given the opportunity to take one or more of the NCCER Crane Operator Certification written assessments on the fifth day of the course.  NCCER
certifications are equipment and capacity specific; ANSI approved; and meet or exceed current ASME
B30.5 consensus safety standards and current OSHA 29 CFR part 1926 subpart CC operator
certification requirements. Completing the written assessment is a major step toward completing the
certification process. The study course does not guarantee that any crane operator candidate will pass
the written assessment(s). This course is designed for candidates that already have basic knowledge
and experience with crane operations. Practical examinations, which complete the certification process, will be scheduled and conducted at a later date using cranes supplied by the candidate/employer at the candidate’s location.

Step 1 = Crane Operator Study Course Dates/Times
Course Dates/Times: October 15-18 (7:30 – 4:30)

Step 2 = NCCER Crane Operator Certification Written Assessments
Assessments: Friday, October 19 (7:30 – 4:00)

There are 4 different written assessments based on the type of crane(s) for operation certification:
1) Telescopic Boom - certification eligibility for operating any type of telescopic boom crane including telescopic boom rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, conventional truck cranes, crawler mounted telescopic cranes, as well as telescopic boom trucks and industrial/carry deck cranes.
2) Boom Truck - certification eligibility for operating any telescopic or articulating/knuckle boom crane mounted on commercial truck chassis, typically referred to as boom trucks. Common brands include National, Manitex and Altec.
3) Industrial/Carry Deck - certification eligibility for operating any type of industrial/carry deck crane. Common brands include Shuttlelift and Broderson.
4) Lattice Boom - certification eligibility for operating any  type of lattice boom type crane including both crawler and truck mounted.
(Note: The written assessments will be computer-based tests.)

Step 3 = NCCER Crane Operator Certification Practical Examinations
Practical Exam Dates: Will be scheduled to be conducted after the written assessments.
Practical Exam Location: At your location, using your company's crane(s).